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If you want to shift out of insecurity and overwhelm so you can FINALLY know you truly matter,
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My Journey

Like so many of you, I often felt insecure, anxious and overwhelmed when I was growing up. Singing was the one thing that consistently relieved these negative feelings. I used the sound and vibration of my voice to create a sense of safety, calm and joy.

Later, I learned that beliefs have a direct impact on how a person feels. These feelings hold a resonance, a vibrational frequency that impacts a person’s sense of Self and Wholeness or lack thereof. I have spent the last 25 years as a psychotherapist, teacher, and conscious vibrational awareness mentor cultivating effective strategies for guiding others to create a real, lasting positive change in their life.

I believe that we are all a part of a larger whole and how we feel resonates into the world, that it is up to each of us to resonate harmoniously. I personally learned how to shift my own limiting beliefs to those that are more beneficial and in alignment with my Soul Resonance—the true authentic part of me. I discovered that identifying limiting beliefs, gaining insight and beneficial perceptions shifts the resonance to create the most powerful impact and transformation.

Because I had experienced self-hatred, fear of judgment from others and feeling overwhelmed from trying to please everyone all the time, I knew that coming into my own Soul Resonance would create a profound change in my life.

So, I learned how to make adjustments within my own energy field to create a sense of safety and presence. This led me to realize that I matter, that I count.

As a result, I feel more self-acceptance, self-confidence and harmony in my life. It feels like a miracle when I think of where I started and how much the Soul Resonance work has changed my own life!

My love of singing led me further to a more in-depth exploration of the use of sound (the vibration of all matter) as a way to resonate harmonious frequencies and create powerful transformation. Now I understand that singing when I was a child was something that connected me directly to my Soul Resonance. Today, I always have the choice to be in this harmonic resonance no matter what is happening around me. This is it! This is what I choose!

Now, as a Soul Resonance Activator, it is my greatest joy to activate and synchronize your vibrational awareness to create a deeper Soul Connection and Unwavering Loving Self-Confidence. Experience the miracle of transformation as you choose your own Soul Resonance to live in greater harmony!

I am excited to help you to discover Your Vibrational Soul Resonance so you can experience true harmony in your life!  Here’s how to begin:

I can help you transform insecurity & overwhelm into Harmony and Self-Confidence so you can hear the Sound of Your Soul

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