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courageously claim your

True Empowered Voice!

Here are 3 ways we can work together!


Find Your Soul Resonance

3 video self-study course

Recalibrate, Realign, and Embody Harmony





Raise Your Vibes!

90 minute private phone session

Ready to get out of your painful self-sabotaging pattern?



6 month customized program

This custom program is for someone on a path of self-discovery.

KNOW and CLAIM your VALUE so you can finally FEEL SECURE and HEAR YOUR SOUL VOICE.


Hi, I’m Lisa Hall!

I am a Soul Resonance Activator and Vibrational Self Transformation expert with over 25 years of experience in psychotherapy, teaching and conscious vibrational awareness.

The use of sound waves is at the core of my energy based approach.  This Sound Resonance, coupled with transformational psychology and innate intuition creates a powerful life changing impact for clients engaged in the programs I offer.

I will guide you to activate and embody your Soul Resonance, so you can know and claim your value and hear your Soul Voice at all times.

What others say about Lisa:

I have been working with Lisa for several years.  Our work started because I was unable to fix or even name the reasons my life was so out of control.  She has been the catalyst for the massive changes in my life over these years and I’ve never been happier.

It would take a lot of space to express everything I have gained and lost from our work together, but I’ll share a few.

I have gained an ability to not only speak my truth but recognize it.  I have learned that I have my own power that will keep me stable, grounded, safe and self-supported.  I have unique soul worth that sustains me.

I also mentioned that I have lost.  I have lost so much crippling self-judgement.  I have lost the powerless feelings of being adrift and abandoned on this planet.  I have lost named and nameless fears that have plagued me my whole life.

I absolutely give the highest recommendation for Lisa Hall.   She meets you where you are, therefore wherever you are on your path in life – whatever stage you are in – there is massive gain in working with her.  In short, you are worth it, and it is absolutely life changing. ~ Caladonia 

Lisa’s role as a mentor and guide is invaluable.  Through our conversations, I have developed greater confidence in expressing my own voice.  Lisa helped me to recognize how I can continue to convey empathy and compassion to those I care about without attempting to solve their issues.  Through her mentorship, I’ve learned how to listen to my Soul and how important it is as I evaluate and prioritize my life decisions. ~ Lori 

Lisa has become an important part of my journey.  With her guidance I have learned to track my fear and anxiety to see where, in my body, I am holding those beliefs.   I’m able to gently and quickly understand and release them, ultimately finding a way to accept and love ALL of me!!  She’s able to “see” what’s happening in my system energetically, and holds a space of loving support as I work to bring myself to center.  Additionally, I love the sound healing she has incorporated into her work.  I can often feel a shift in my entire system just by experiencing a particular tone that she creates. She is a powerful healer, I highly recommend her.   ~ Margie 

I have been working with Lisa for a number of years and am so grateful for all the help and growth she has provided!  When I began, I was so overwhelmed by sensing other’s emotional needs and my own anxiety I stopped going anywhere except work and home.  Lisa helped me learn how to tune into my own energy field and set up grids to know what is mine to process and how to weed out what is not my responsibility.  Learning to set boundaries has helped as well.  If I do start to feel anxious, I know how to pull into myself, drop down and re-center among other strategies.   I have learned that I count just as much as another person and am allowed to feel and enjoy life without feeling guilty.  Lisa has used sound vibration since the beginning and it has helped so much and I am learning how to use it on my own to help me get to a better place within myself.  Lisa has helped me learn to be kind to myself and I truly feel my anxiety is a part of my past and I am moving on to a much better me and future! ~Mary Sue